Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Engagement Ring

Got you, didn't I? There's no denying the fact that you thought, 'This guy is now suddenly into lovey dovey stuff and poems, having exhausted his stock of topics and wisecracks. But let's see what this is all about.' :)

Though I don't usually call it 'My Engagement Ring', it can be called the 'circle of addiction' or 'the vicious circle'. Just like I write to entertain you people and perhaps guide the 'rare and raring' (and feel good about it myself) and just like you people religiously come every day to see what's in store for you (Will he be sarcastic, or be talking about Vevi , or what theory will it be today that kind of stuff), all the games should and must engage the player into this circle of addiction.

Let's see...

I was actually so tired after a hectic day and some tough exercise regime, I could have dropped off on the bed any moment. So what am I doing here writing a blog and completely alert? MOTIVATION!

Quite a lot of time was spent thinking about what I am going to write about today. I cannot afford to lose even a single reader of this blog. So should I be technical or should I be funny? CHALLENGE

However, I made an EFFORT as you can see. (and shucks I seem to be pulling this one off fairly good)

And if you are reading this post, I have got my REWARD. That's what MOTIVATES me to write. And there completes the circle, the ring.

On a similar line, the readers of this blog have their own Engagement Ring (which I absolutely have to care about at all times) that makes them come back. If I fail to engage you guys in either Motivation, Challenge, Effort or the Reward, you won't return.

So remember, as I always remember, to engage your players, audience and readers into this circle of addiction. It will be absolutely worth it!

Now...I can sleep peacefully. Take care!


prach said...

Applauds! Well written!Am sure u'll have all ur followers returning for their daily dose of rare & raring!

sahityalaxmi said...

Though I really don't have any engagement ring (there was no engagement as such ), I am motivated enough to read your blogs ,And i make efforts to find time though there are a few challenges because i am addicted to your blogs and i really get rewarded when i read the comments from your followers...So i now have my own engagement ring.

Purnima said...

That was a smart post! Me likey! :P
I make sure I've time to read ur blog, and will def do so in the future as well :)

Imba Trader said...

Interesting concept ;)

Sirisha said...

hehe it is lovey dovey and poetic in a way . i leave it for you to guess..

nicely written blog...less sarcasm and more humility this time.. rox

Jayanta said...

motivation-challenge-effort-reward-motivation. Got it. But often one gets stuck on "effort". i really think that there are very few who do for living what they enjoy doing otherwise. (You are one of them.) For thwem effort itself can be rewarding. For the rest of us this ring is too long.