Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prologue - Here we go...

Rare and Raring

While rare means scarcity, raring doesn't mean scarcer (this isn't a 'save tiger' blog) but eager. And while the first part is a statement (I challenge you to prove it otherwise in this context), the second part is about hope. And no other name would have fit this web log any better when you know I am going to talk about competent game designers (In India especially).

At the onset, this might seem like an overtly sarcastic take on the situation in Indian Game Design, but this blog has more to do ABOUT the ones that are rare and raring and FOR the ones who aspire to be in that small percentage. Whatever you do, this percentage is always going to be small. I am also going to occasionally pan the bad game designers (of which there are a lot) with examples so that they smarten up, and for the rest of you to stay entertained ;).

So why am I doing this?

For the past few months, I have been searching for some really good game design talent and so far the candidates have been mediocre to downright dismal.

Because the game industry is literally booming in India and there isn't talent good enough or aware enough to tap it.

Because the few designers who ARE good have their heads very high up their assess (look forward to posts named "Fancy Pay Packages" in distant future and "Learning Humility" in near future).

This, my friends, is a prologue to my blog. In case you are wondering what Game Design is all about, you will have to wait until my next post. Or you can pay me $2 to view it immediately. Believe me, your $2 will be well spent on my next blog post than on quite a few games being made presently across the world (about these games, I will speak later). While I am obviously joking about you giving me $2, I 'm not about those games.

Here, the gyaan is going to be free and practical. Just be patient...


Jayanta said...

Great. Looking forward to the blogs.

My $2 note just crossed its path with your next blog. (BTW, $2 note is a rarity in the US. (Poor irony on "rarity". Sorry!)

Purnima said...

Love the prologue! :)

kshitija said...

next?!? :)