Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Game of Cricket

Talk about hype and the first thing that comes to your mind is India vs. Pakistan World Cup Semi-final match. Our office is gearing up for some action as well. Report early, get off early. Sounds like a plan. Our cultural committee has apparently arranged for a screen that's bigger than the match itself, or so they claim. Speaking of cultural committee, I can imagine the scenario when a core Indian crowd of over 300 reacts to an Indian dismissal or a Pakistani 4 or 6.

As for how important this match is for Indians and Pakistanis, you can read the news papers if you aren't from the subcontinent. But along with all the hype, The Times of India (which on some rare occasions gives greater importance to relevant and valuable articles instead of pictures of half naked women) also had an interesting article of how the patients with coronary heart disease are going to triple by 2015 in India. See the connection?

Manmohan Singh, in a very cocky gesture (like a noob playing Counter Strike) invited Pak PM to watch the match, giving this match unnecessary political overtones. Unnecessary because whatever Gilani says or does (which is highly unlikely in the first place) will be irrelevant, as Pakistan is ruled by the Army. Gilani ka kya jaata hain? Phokat mein match dekhne ko mili jiske liye Mukesh Ambani karodo kharch kiya. I bet that both Manny and Gilli must have dreamt about betting Kashmir on this match. So much gimmicking over a match! I want Manmohan Singh to do a Hritik Roshan from Kaho Na Pyaar Hain if we win the match to complete his act. Maybe take his shirt off and do a Saurav.

The Pakistani team on the other hand has nothing to lose. They haven't won a single match against India in a World Cup. If they win against India, they go home heroes irrespective of whether they win the cup or not. If they lose the match, the entire team stays back in India and takes permanent Indian citizenship. It's not irate fans but some 'internal minister' who has threatened the team with dire consequences if they fix the match (read: lose the match). Anything short of  a win, in Pakistani lingo = spot fixing. Pakistan can never lose a match because of their own incompetence, EVER!

I hear some Indian viewers offered their tickets to their Pakistani counterparts to watch the much coveted match.

From these exasperating gestures, you can clearly see why we (India) are such pushovers and some random half-assed rogue nation dares to talk to us on equal terms. I won't be surprised if while people are enjoying the match, there will be another Kargil in the making.

That's how this game plays!

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vandana said...

India comes to a standstill today. ..
All I am interested in is Schin's 100th 100..then who cares???

I absolutely agree with that remark on TOI..and it was made a compulsory buy in our school a few years back..:)